The presence of data acces and qualified data is a key to success story of oil company activity in achieving the goals that is reaching top level oil & gas production. Ideal condition of data searching is easier and faster to access. It makes engineer, geoscientist, and managers in data searching time will be decreased and the will be focus on data analysis and efforts in achieving optimized production. This will lead to good performance of company, from managed data to optimum production.



Inameta Virtual Data Room (VDR) allows you to easily control, share and track your secure documents for farm out opportunities purpose, its complete due diligence solution. Our web-based virtual data room allows parties around the world to access documents easily and securely with compete audit trail.



Integrated Management System for any scale of business that include Risk Management, Quality and HSE Management, MBNQA, Business Plan and Business Performance. Beside its main purpose as the integrated management system, SiMuLTAN also has many other modules that are no less important for your business, such as: document management, monitoring tools, control system, document generator and report/analysis system.



Metacat is a data management software for Indonesia oil & gas EP data and metadata helps geoscientists find, understand and effectively use data sets they manage or that have been created during EP activity performed.



 Pipeline integrity management system with comprehensive pipeline data position which empowered by satellite image & GPS tracking.


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